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After our grandmother passed away, the family was overwhelmed trying to figure out how we take care of a house and things from someone's 93 years of life.  After I called The Porch Collection, Janis and her team went to work, preparing for an estate sale, taking the burden off of us.  The team is trustworthy, is extremely knowledgeable about their business,and has the network to execute a successful sale.  I highly recommend The Porch Collection. We are grateful for the care and effort the team gave us.

M.S. Brackenridge

I would highly recommend Janis Walers and the team at The Porch Collection Estate Sales for estate sale needs. they are very professional and handled the huge task of coordinating the estate sale for my family. Janis and her team worked tirelessly to sort, price, display and group items together to produce more interest from buyers. All advertising was also handled by her. Janis has a network of of antique dealers and collectors that are long time customers to her sales. If you are in need of expert help with an estate sale please contact The Porch Collection team! You won't be disappointed!

D. Thomas

Janis, thank you so much for doing our estate-moving sale.  We could not have done this without you.  Your expertise of displaying and organization and advertising is incredible.  The pricing was very fair to us and your customers.  I feel like you go beyond what most people do.  You just made it all happen and I was amazed!  Thanks again, Sue Weaver

Working with The Porch Collection was one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences of a life time. Allowing one's precious items to move on is a very difficult task.  Janis Walters coordinated every effort professionally with a high level of honesty, integrity, credibility and fun.  Her positive and upbeat approach set a pace for everyone involved.  Next time, I'll call The Porch Collection.

N.D., Denison, Texas

I would like to say a big thank you to Janis Walters and her team at The Porch Collection Estate Sales!! We just had an estate/moving sale this past weekend for my mother  (8/26-8/27).. It was more successful than we ever imagined! Janis and her team handled everything and told us not to worry about a thing. It was a positive experience and I can't thank Janis enough for her help and kindness during this tranisition -- feeling blessed.

LaTressa Melton


"Best estate sale company in the western hemisphere!  We each encounter people for a brief moment in our lives and walk away knowing that the encounter was special and a gift from God.  I look upon our brief moment as one such gift. Thank You.

MM - Van Alstyne


Janis:  When I started contemplating how to deal with my mother's belongings, several folks I know advised me against using an estate sale agency.  I was told that an agency would add little value and charge me too much for the services.                    YOU CERTAINLY PROVED THEM WRONG. I was extremely pleased at the care, enthusiasm and expertise you demonstrated during the process of the sale.  We realized roughly twice as much revenue from the sale as I had anticipated. In addition, you took over and did everything that needed to be done. There was almost nothing to worry about.  This was a tremendous relief to me and my family. 

You unquestionably earned your fee and more.

Thank You!   John Lay


Janis:  My family and I would like to thank you for the exceptional job you and your team did conducting the estate sale for our parents home, Billy and Pat Wilder.  You were sensitive to our needs and timing, and you worked diligently to conduct a successful sale.  We appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, marketing strategy, and knowledge of the business.  We highly recommend you and your team to anyone in need of estate sale services.

Hope Coleman

Janis, The family of Pat McCleese would like to give you &your team a big 'THANK YOU" for all your hard work and dedication to making the estate sale a tremendous success!  The manner in which you, your team and support staff diligently sorted through and cared for the items as if they were your own family's items meant more to us than you know!  Thank you for taking the time and effort of finding "treasures" that you thought we may have overlooked or may have been sentimental to us. The countless hours you all put into this sale along with the staging/organization, research of items was much appreciated!  You and your team took what was a stressful/difficult time with the loss of someone so near and dear to make it a much smoother transition.  We would be pleased to recommend you and your team!

Thank You from the entire McCleese Family! 

Janis:  We were greatly impressed by you and your team's professionalism, efforts, and dedication to making our Mom's estate sale a huge success.  The results greatly exceeded our expectations!  The timeline we gave you was short. We compounded things by cleaning out the house at the same time you and your team were trying to sort, categorize and tag the household items in preparation for the sale. We greatly appreciated your flexibility. We couldn't have been happier with the results and would strongly recommend anyone else to use your services.

Rick Adams 


Janis Walters is HEADS ABOVE every other estate sale professional in Grayson County! The job she did, start to finish, of organizing, researching, pricing and conducting the estate sale of D. Faye Watkins was done with great professionalism, care, honesty and dignity.  Rather than simple selling "boxes of stuff", she carefully researched every item and valued each one according to its true value. The family did not have to lift a hand: she did everything, from meticulously going through everything from the attic, drawers, closets, garage, pantries, cupboards and storerooms---to beautifully staging and displayng items in a welcoming and inviting envrionment that resulted in an incredible estate sale. She has a tremendous following and they came out in droves!  Proceeds from the sale were more than DOUBLE what we expected!  Thank you Janis--you really are the BEST in the business!

S.C., Denison, Tx., 


Janis and her team are the hardest working estate sales folks in Texas! Beautiful job on our family's sale. Hire them! 

N. McGraw


I would like to thank you for conducting the estate sale at 2401 San Miguel,Sherman. Your professionalism, organization of the household items to be sold and personality contributed to a very successful sale.  The amount of money that the sale produced was way beyond my expectations and will benefit my Ward for an extended period of time.  I will definitely give you a call if I need to have an estate sale for any of my wards of the court.

Once again, thank you.  

J..W., Certified Professioanl Guardian




Janis: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for managing the recent moving sale we had at my Mother's home. From the moment my brother and I met you, we knew you were the one that we could trust to conduct the sale in a professional and caring manner.  This was very important to us since we do not live in the area.  We were not disappointed.  Your attention to detail and follow-up phone calls/emails before, during and after the sale were impressive.  We definitely made the right decision when selecting The Porch Collection to manage the sale.

James Jacobs


Janis and her team at The Porch Collection Estate Sales made my family's estate sale a great experience.  Janis is very knowledgeable about the current value of household items and works hard to make the sale look very high end. She is able to work with a wide range of personalities while still remaining professional and gracious. Her customer base is far-reaching and helped make our sale a success.  I highly recommend her company to anyone looking for assistance with an estate sale.

James B.

The Porch Collection handled a large estate sale for our family and Janis and her team were just unbelievable. The sale was quite large and involved literally hundreds of items in over ten rooms.  Janis worked tirelessly organizing and pricing everything as well as advertising the sale.  She and her team handled all the details which was a huge relief for me. In the end, the sale was a huge succesws.  We were able to sell almost everything and at very good prices.  I cannot begin to thank Janis and The Porch Collection team enough; they made what seemed like a truly overwhelming task look so easy.  

David W.


I chose The Porch Collection to handle my estate sale because I know Janis Walters to be honest, efficient and professional. I was not disappointed.  My estate sale was not a simple one. I had a large barn and several out buildings with all the tools and equipment it takes to maintain an 18-acre farm and a large home with a collection of generational items as well as my furniture and the dishes and trinkets that accumulate after 52 years of marriage.  Because I was unsure of my ultimate destination, I wanted to sell most of my possessions. 

Janis and her helpers were courteous and thorough as the priced items and took care of the logistics of a large sale.  It was a difficult time for me having lost my husband to cancer and selling most everything.  They made it so much easier by arriving when they were supposed to and being understanding and kind in everything they did.  I was able to leave them in charge the days of the sale knowing they would take care of my property and do their best to give me the largest bottom line possible.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services.


Doris C.

Trophy Club, Texas



When it came time for me to have an estate sale, I realized I had no idea of who to hire for the job.  Fortunately, estate attorney recommended Janis Walters.  We were both impressed with her knowledge of how to conduct estate sales, ability to reach people who might be interested in buying antiques and china, and paintings. I also had to give my attorney an estimate of the value of the estate.  The value I gave for the estate sale was far below what Janis actually made.  She did an outstanding job of generating double what I anticipated.  I high recommend her for estate sales or even moving sales.

Beverly McKinney



I used Janis Walters to sell some estate items my mother owned (in Indianapolis, Ind.) and was absolutely delighted with the results. . . We gave Janis an opporturnity to sell what remained of a very large stash of costume jewely and the results far exceeded our expectations.  She used a layered approach in offering the lots to the public and sold virtually everything at impressive prices. . . .

Jan Z

Hurst, Texas


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