The Porch Collection Estate Sales                          

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Here are a few tips in preparing for an estate sale being held in your home or family member's home:

  • Identify items that you & other family members wish to keep. It is helpful if these items can be identified at time of consultation.  If possible, items that will not be for sale should be removed from the home or stored in a separate area closed off from the public.  
  • After contracting with us any items that are sold or given to friends, realtors, buyers of the house, etc.will become a part of the sale proceeds.  Any items that are removed after we begin working on the sale that have not been previously identified will have commission paid on those items.
  • During organizing & pricing items, we come across any family or personal photos, personal papers, or other personal items we feel the family would want to keep, we will store those items in boxes for you.
  • We suggest that you not throw anything away with the exception of food from the refrigerator and/or freezer.
  • It is not necessary to remove items from cabinets, closets, drawers, etc. only those that you will be keeping should be removed.
  • If you are selling the house, please let us have the realtors name & number. The realtor or family should contact us if any one will be showing the house or workmen, or appfraisers, inspectors, etc. will be coming to the house.  Realtors should provide us with fliers with information about the house that we can put at our check out desk.
  • If you have a car, boat or trailer for sale as part of the estate sale, please make sure you have a clear title and in some cases a death certificate may be required.  NOTE:  WE WILL LOWER OUR COMMISSION FOR SALES OF CAR OR TRUCK.

We will make your estate sale as smooth and easy as possible for you. 


  • Provide free consultation and evaluations to determine what type of sale will best fit your needs.
  • Provide experienced staff for preparing and conducting the sale.
  • Run appropriate and timely advertising in newspapers, on-line, etc.
  • Place professional signs in strategic places to direct people to sale
  • Obtain permits where required.
  • Arrange and price all items. Provide tables for displaying items.
  • We will contact buyers based on items left over.It will be family's responsibility to contact charities for donations & pack items if required. We will remove all items that are on our tables & place so that family can review what is left. 
  • Determine commission at time of consultation. (Depends upon drive time; mileage; condition of sale, etc.)